Birth registration rate (%)
Child development index score (0-100)
Child marriage rate (%)
Child mortality rate (per 1,000)
Primary completion rate (%)
Secondary completion rate (%)
Stunting rate (%)
Wasting rate (%)
    • National Average
    • Best Performing
    • Worst Performing
Data last update 01/09/2017

This tool allows you to dig deeper into intersecting inequalities in child outcomes, displaying data for groups that experience more than one form of disadvantage (e.g. the poorest children in rural areas).

Select the indicator you are interested in.

Select the country you are interested in.

Select the first group you are interested in (e.g. comparing urban and rural areas)

Select the subgroup (e.g. comparing the poorest and richest children in urban and rural areas).

Each marker represents data for a particular group. When you hover over the marker, a pop-up box displays information about the group, value of the indicator and the number of children who belong to the group. Red markers are used for the worst performing and green for the best performing. Orange markers denote the national average.

You can export the selected data in excel format.

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